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Top 30 Websites and App free for Colleges

Best Websites and App free for colleges
Best Websites and App free for colleges
Written by Niraj Kumar

Best 30 Websites and App free for Colleges to help lots for students. Websites and App, Students want to know which app or website prefers in colleges life.

So that’s These are 30 Top best App and Websites can change your thoughts and Think.

[su_heading size=”25″]Best Helpful Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]


This is most helpful websites for students because of Wikipedia have 30 million pages in there and 5 million are the article in here.

There are lots of information in Wikipedia likes tutorials, stubs, articles etc.

In Wikipedia, you can share your own knowledge through writes articles on Wikipedia


Khan Academy is educational websites or app also to help the students. In here there are lots of lessons, videos, tutorials for students to helps lots.

Khan Academy provides many subjects tutorials likes Computer programming, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Finances  And many more…

3.EBSCO Host

EBSCO host providesa free databases research library for students, librarians, and learner.

In here all the books and papers are arranged in alphabetical and use to search bar to search According to own self. I recommend to visit here and Explore the Knowledge


[su_heading size=”25″]Best Online Learning Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]



It is the best online learning platform that provides certification, courses, specialization, Degrees.

Its also a frees learning platform to improves your skills and explores knowledge.

2.Ted Talks

Here there are mainly three topic cover likes Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

In here all events, conference, Topics are limits times to explains all the major’s parts of a Topics.


Instapaper App is available for iPhones users. Its allow contention tog to save later and read many times on different devices.

[su_heading size=”25″]Best Entertainment Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]



It is a collects news from various mobiles Applications sources. Users can share with other friends and family.


It is a Collects news, stories, conversions around the world.

3.Charity Miles

It’s a social company to collects the charity form the individuals and business person to serve the social Human.

[su_heading size=”25″]Best Textbooks Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]

1.Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a collection of e-books and e-readers makes by Amazon

2.Free Books

Free Books is a collection of online e-books in the form of PDF, TXT, MOBI, Doc etc


In here you can buy and sell the books to High discounts and pay fewer rent textbooks and return back when you have done own course and aims.

[su_heading size=”25″]Best Dictionary Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]


Oxford dictionary is the worlding largest helpful and corrects dictionary. In the Oxford dictionary, you can find the definition, meaning, word spelling, grammar mistakes, and synonyms, antonym.


Dictionary is an online dictionary to used all over the world. In this dictionary  audio pronunciations and examples with sentences

3.Magoosh Vocabulary Builder:

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder: Its powerful tools that build the vocabulary for small word and large word to improve communication and Speaking skill and crack the exam easily.

[su_heading size=”25″]Best Finances Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]

  1. Groupon
  2. Venmo
  3. Mint


[su_heading size=”25″]Best storage websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]


2.Google Drives


[su_heading size=”25″]Best Jobs and Internship Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]





[su_heading size=”25″]Best Communication Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]






[su_heading size=”25″]Best Health & Safety Websites and App free for colleges[/su_heading]


1.MyFitness Pal


3.SleepCycle Alarm


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