Top 5 most demand programming languages of 2019

demand programming
demand programming
Written by Niraj Kumar

Top 5 most demand programming languages

Demand programming languages- The 5 most in-demand programming languages of 2019 in India and the world. so my friends If you are thinking which programming languages scope in future for Developers

that’s I reach a point these are the most demand programming languages, most popular programming languages, and also the easiest programming languages beginners.

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Python is of the best programming languages I in 2018 and 2019.
What is Python?
Python is Object-oriented programming, Functional, high-level language.

Its focus on code readability and easy syntax.
Python uses dynamic to changes the variables very easy on few of line.
Python is to be more productivity for the developer so that the 2019 top programming languages

5 Most used Python Frameworks :

  1. Django
  2. Flask
  3. CherryPy
  4. Pyramid
  5. Web2py

Top 15 Applications Of Python

  1. Data Analytics: Data Analytics is most critical now a day
  2. Web Development
  3. Data Sciences
  4. Machine learning
  5. Application Development
  6. Game Development
  7. Cryptography
  8. Artificial and Intelligence
  9. Sciences and Numerics
  10. Data Structures
  11. Education sector
  12. ERP Development
  13. Operating System
  14. Prototyping

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The Best Application of Javascript used in Development:

1.Server-Side Development
2.Mobile Development

Top 7 Frameworks JavaScript

1.Angular.JS: its most popular frameworks for Developers.

Its developed by Google and best packages are maintained by Very Nicely.


It is Developed by BSD License in 2013 for Open Source released.
All most all API of react.js is small.


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Java is general purpose, high-level languages, object-orient programming languages its follow the write once, run everywhere
It is used for Web applications Desktop Application and Banking Sector mainly.

It is Faster than Python or other programming languages

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Php is Server Side Programming lanGuages for used web development likes WordPress is most powerful Example.
It is very Simple and Easy languages for user and beginners

Top Five  PHP Frameworks must learn Developer :

  1. Laravel
  2.  Codelgniter
  3. CakePHP
  4. Phalcon
  5. Symfony 2

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C# is Most fairly Programming Languages. It derived by c
It is most popular than other programming languages

Application of C#

  1. Games
  2. Web Applications
  3. Windows Applications
  4. Enterprise Applications


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